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ACE Coaster Classics

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What is a Coaster Classic?

A Coaster Classic is about a traditional experience. One that has been shared by generations of thrill seekers since the golden age of the 1920's when the wild, uninhibited, free wheeling thrills of the wooden roller coaster established it as the premier thrill ride and an icon of popular culture.
The concept of Coaster Classics was developed during a period when changes in the design, equipping, and operation of wood coasters threatened to erase these time-honored experiences and rituals. ACE awards Coaster Classic status to coasters that still adhere to these principles that allow riders to safely experience the thrill of the classic wooden roller coaster ride. To be eligible for Coaster Classic status, the coaster must meet the following criteria:

ACE Coaster Classics

Big Dipper Geauga Lake; Aurora, OH USA
Big Dipper Camden; Huntingdon, WV USA
Blue Streak(SBNO) Conneaut Lake Park; Conneaut Lake, PA USA
Cyclone Pleasureland; Southport, Merseyside, UK
Cyclone Lakeside; Denver, CO USA
Cyclone Astroland; Brookly, NY USA
Cyclone Williams Grove; Williams Grove, PA USA
Jack Rabbit Kennywood; West Mifflin, PA USA
Kiddy Coaster Playland; Rye, NY USA
Lil Dipper Camden; Huntingdon, WV USA
Little Dippper Hillcrest; Lemont, IL USA
Little Dipper Kiddieland; Melrose, IL USA
Roller Coaster Joyland; Wichita, KS USA
Roller Coaster Pleasure Beach; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk UK

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