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leap-the-dips One of Lakemont Park's most prized possessions is the historic Leap-The-Dips Roller Coaster which is the world's oldest coaster and the last remaining example of the side friction figure eight design. The Leap-The-Dips was built in 1902 by the E. Joy Morris Company and is a national historic landmark. The Leap-The-Dips Preservation Foundation has been created as a non-profit organization which is in the process of raising the funds necessary to restore, maintain, and operate this historic wooden coaster.
Lakemont Park is also home to the Skyliner Roller Coaster with was transplanted to Lakemont Park from Roseland park in Canandaigua, New York in 1985. Built in 1965, The Skyliner is 110' high with a total track length of 3500'. It is an L-shaped wooden coaster and a ride on it lasts approximately on minute and 25 seconds. Charlie Dinn erected the Skyliner in Altoona when it was moved. sky liner
mad mouse The Mad Mouse coaster is also a popular attraction at Lakemont. Built in 1965 by Alan Hershel, the Mad Mouse was acquired from White Swan Park outside Pittsburgh.
Though not a traditional coaster, the Toboggan, a Chance ride, is one of Lakemont's most unique adult rides. This particular ride is a portable unit that spent many years traveling with Deggeller Shows in Florida. toboggan

Also Home to Many Other Rides and Attractions

Traintown Miniature Golf & Monster Motorway Go-Karts

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