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Immediate Promotions:

November 28, 1998 -- Re-opening of the Carnegie Science Center's Miniature Railroad and Village: this year a working model of Lakemont Park's Leap-The- Dips roller coaster will be featured in this display. The miniature Railroad and village is a journey back to Western Pennsylvania in the 1920's in a 2,300 square foot exhibit. It is a Pittsburgh tradition since 1954. The display is 83' x 30' and features 2,000 miniatures with 100 animations. There are five Lionel trains and 800 feet of track. Other historic replicas include the Monongahela incline, the Fort Pitt blockhouse, the Rachel Carson Homestead, the Sharon Steel Mill, the East Street Bridge, and the Pittsburgh courier Building. Hours are Sunday-Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Miniature Railroad

November/December, 1998--Holiday lights at Lakemont Park with a light display for Leap- The-Dips

Tentative Promotional Events:

Come and participate in these exciting events:
Opening day for the Leap-The-Dips is tentatively scheduled for May 29. On this day we will have the first ride and will have opening day festivities. Plans may include a picnic and entertainment.

Joint promotions will be done in conjunction with the Curve Baseball Team, the new ice skating rink, the Logan Valley Mall, local media, and Lakemont Park.

A wedding on the Leap- The-Dips is in the works. We hope to have this at the end of our season in September. We are working with a local radio station and a banquet facility to promote this event and offer a reception to the winners of the wedding contest.

The American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) will be at Lakemont Park in July to ride the Leap-The-Dips. This worldwide group is responsible for getting the restoration underway and providing substantial donations for the restoration of the coaster. We plan to have national media attention for this event.

Altoona is celebrating its Sesquicentennial in 1999 and the Leap-The-Dips will be featured in these celebrations.

Corporate Promotions:

Local companies are invited to participate in the fun of restoring the Leap-The-Dips by purchasing a car for 25,000. A plaque will be placed on a Leap- The- Dips roller coaster car to honor the company's generous donation.

oldcar newcar

To receive a media kit for the Leap-The-Dips, please call Andrea Hewitt Shope at (814) 695-2988 or e-mail at

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