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During the three years that the Leap-The-Dip Preservation Foundation has been in operation, funds have been raising totaling over $250,000. The Foundation has also received in-kind donations totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Many of the cash contributions have been received from local residents, merchants, and corporations. Most of the contributions have come as a result of direct solicitation. Another source of funds has been through fundraising efforts.

Fund-Raising Activities

* Dinners and Dances
* Merchandise sold in Lakemont Park Gift Shop
* Mass Mailings
* Sold pieces of wood from the Leap-The- Dips Roller Coaster
* Food and Merchandise Booths at the Keystone Country Festival
* Grants from several state entities

Grants Received

Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission $ 100,000
Southwestern PA Heritage Preservation Commission $ 40,000
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation $ Natural Resources $ 20,000
Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development $ 3,000

Donations over $1,000

American Coaster Enthusiasts National Organization (ACE) $ 60,000
National Amusement Park Historical Association(NAPHA) $ 1,000

Bank Loan to Complete the Project:

In August 1998, Leap, Inc. received a loan with the cooperation of nine local banks led by Central Bank. Other participating financial institutions included Altoona First Savings Bank, C & G Bank, Hollidaysburg Trust, Investment Savings Bank, Laurel Bank, Mellon Bank, Mid State Bank, Progress Fund, and Reliance Savings Bank. The total amount borrowed was $550,000 and the loan was guaranteed by the SBA.

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